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What is AWS RDS?

    Amazon RDS is a relational database cloud service
    Amazon RDS minimizes relational database management through automation
    Amazon RDS creates multiple instances for high availability and failover
    Amazon RDS supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, Maria DB, Oracle, SQL Server, and Amazon Aurora

Relational database

    Amazon RDS stores data as tables, records, and fields
    Values ​​from one table can relate to values ​​in other tables. Relationships are a key part of relational databases.
    Relational databases are often used to store transactional and analytical data
    Relational databases provide stability and reliability to transactional databases

RDS Pricing - Pay as You Go

Amazon RDS is pay as you go. It consists of 3 parts:

    Hosting. You can choose from different types of hosting depending on your needs
    Storage and operation. Storage is billed per gigabyte per month and I/O is billed per million requests
    Data transferred


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