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Best features of Amazon Web Services

Amazon is a big company. What started as a simple online bookstore has successfully turned into the next online Wal-Mart. Amazon probably sells any tangible product that is sold. Here are the best features of Amazon Web Services.
Auto-scalable storage

Amazon offers auto-scalable storage. This means that no matter how busy your site may be or how much space you need, Amazon will automatically adjust your bill to fit. This means that the "Bandwidth Exceeded" error will never appear. This is one of the unique features of Amazon because you don't have to worry about what might happen to your data or your visitors if your usage increases.
Pay per use; Low cost

Amazon Web Services offers a pay-per-use model. This provides a lower cost model as you only pay for what you use. There is no flat rate or monthly model available. Amazon Web Services requires you to put your data into what they call "buckets". As a user, you will be charged a "per gigabyte" and "per request" rate for transferring data to and from your bucket.

The good news is that Amazon charges for these requests by the thousands. They are not money hungry tycoons looking to nickel and dime you at every turn.
Great support options

Amazon has raised the bar when it comes to customer support. As you may well know, Amazon sells much more than just hosting space. They sell almost every imaginable physical, tangible product in the world. They have created a customer service model that others are trying to emulate. Their employees are empowered to handle a wide range of customer requests, so customers are satisfied without a lot of bureaucratic red tape getting in the way. There are four levels of services you can access with Amazon Web Services. These include Basic, Developer, Business and Enterprise. Basic support is included with all accounts. At the entry level, you get 24/7 year-round support with access to customer service, access to forums, access to technical support for health checks, a self-help resource center, and product FAQs. It will only get better from there.
Free plan for new users

Amazon offers a free plan for new users with the following features:

    5 GB of disk space.
    20,000 GET requests (see "bucket" model above)
    2000 PUT requests (see "bucket" model above)
    15 GB of outgoing data transfers for one year.

A completely free and usable account is a rarity among website hosting providers.
Large terabyte files

A really nice feature of Amazon Web Services is the fact that you can transfer files up to 5 TB in size. Most hard drives don't even come close to that size - and they handle all sorts of data. Honestly, I've never seen a file 5TB or larger. Maybe if you imaged a 5TB hard drive this limit could be reached. That's the point. Amazon Web Services will handle almost any file you throw at it—even the largest photos and highest-resolution videos.

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